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Hortaleza M.D.

A complete line of affordable dermatological products that are especially formulated with active ingredients that are safe and effective.

Skin Collection Set Acnesol Pimple Control 120g Facial Cream Acnesol Pimple Control 30g Facial Wash Acnesol Pimple Control 60g

US $6.25

US $2.75

US $1.75

Facial Toner Acnesol Pimple Control 60mL Facial Wash Dermatox 60g Facial Toner Dermatox Age Reducer 60mL

US $1.75

US $2.00

US $2.00

Hand & Body Lotion Illuminous Plus 250g Day Cream Illuminous Plus 30g Facial Toner Illuminous Plus Glutathione 60mL

US $7.50

US $4.15

US $2.50